Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to confront #c12,000+9 #occupy demonstrators

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1 Provide ample toilet facilities.
2 Provide ample dumpster trash facilities.
3 Provide ample police patrol for protection and service.
4 Provide adequate on-site emergency personnel.
5 Provide adequate fresh drinking water and distribution to demonstrators.
6 Muster scientific on-ground statistically valid polling resources.
7 Poll #occupy for issues of assembly for media and local government.
8 Keep riot trooper and paranoia gear off stage, out of sight and mind.
9 People first, before government or any rule of law.
10 What do #c12000+9 #occupy demonstrators do? Whatever they want!
11 Thank heaven for concerned citizen assembly. God Bless America.

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MART is a Democracy Marathon

MART is a Democracy Marathon
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