Monday, November 28, 2011

#DC Sacred Cows

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#DCSacredCows guaranteed to spectacularly destroy a political career or get you killed.

1 Audit/reform/abolish the federal reserve (Paul)
2 Enforce wallstreet regulations (Spitzer) 
3 Tax code reform (Cain) 
4 #TaxWallstreetTransactions Hedgefund/wallstreet  transaction taxes (no takers) 
5 Exponential wealthy-elite taxation (no takers) 
#oinc Own it, pay taxes on it. Owners pay all (local,state,fed) taxes policy (no takers) 
7 Global dismantling of military industrial complex (Paul) 
8 Comprehensive universal healthcare (Clinton, Obama) 
9 Tort reform (Edwards) 
10 Women’s reservation bill (no takers) 
11 Logical and fair Hispanic immigration reform (no takers) 
12 Hispanic Mexican-American war reparations (no takers) 
13 Black civil war reparations (forty acres and a mule) (Lincoln?) WTF?
14 American Indian frontier-wars reparations (no takers) 
15 Comprehensive democratic institution reform (no takers) 
16 Unknown international star-chamber sacred cow? (JFK?) WTF? 

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MART is a Democracy Marathon

MART is a Democracy Marathon
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