Thursday, October 20, 2011

@USDayofRage Suggested Topics

Topic 1:  50,000 demonstrators and democracy
1  50,000 occupant/demonstrators is democracy at work.
2  50,000 demonstrators is awesome,vital, and alive democracy.
3  The 1773 Boston tea party (demonstration) tradition is extended to 2011.
4  Demonstration/occupancy is a democratic process as important as voting and representation.
5  50,000 demonstrators is celebration of democracy. In 1776 this tradition produced a Declaration of Independence.
  •  We hold these truths to be self-evident. All people are created equal…Endowed by a Creator with certain inalienable rights.
  • To secure these rights, governments are instituted…deriving just powers from the consent of the governed.
6  50,000 governed gather to question the just power and consent of the government.
7  Demonstration and occupancy is “public option” governance. “Public option” governance brings political change.
8  Governance by demonstration and occupancy is legitimate  governance beyond formally elected representatives.
9  50,0000 demonstrators is a “public option” to failed 535+1 governance.
10  If congress cannot govern America from its chambers, then 50,000 demonstrators will govern from the doorstep.

Topic 2: Organization and leadership
1 50,000 demonstrators/occupiers must be politically organized for maximum effectiveness.
2 A casual, effective, and honest electoral process chooses leadership from demonstration participants.
3 Original 50,000 organizational leadership is maintained as one chamber of the demonstration leadership.
4 A second chamber is honestly sortitioned from voluntary demonstration participants. This guarantees honest representation of the 50,000.
5 Leadership now gives voice to issues, chooses speakers, manages internal activities, and plans future events.
6 Leadership is an honest “shadow government” for major decisions that perpetuate the goals and aspirations of the 50,000.

Topic 3: Issues and leadership
1  Demonstration organized leadership must take responsibility, that issues addressed, honestly represent the concerns of the 50,000.
2  The organized sortition chamber’s primary responsibility and function is to guarantee honest issue representation by leadership.
3  Sample issues:
4  Healthcare needs a public option to serve all Americans, reduce prices, reform torts, and improve overall healthcare delivery and quality.
5  Wallstreet needs a public option. States create trading boards, sponsor public offerings, and provide other investment/financial services.
6  Internet service needs a public option. The US postal system provides 100% world class quality internet access to all citizens.
7  The federal government needs a public option. 12000+9 govern America.

Topic 4: Middle America
1 Middle America is America. Middle America is not the wealthy-elite and is not the desperate poor.
2 There is no “class warfare” in America. There is just one “class” in America, middle America.
3 What makes America and American democracy so special? Middle America makes it special.
4 Who is middle America? Middle America is a family. Middle America is a neighborhood. Middle America is a community.
5 Middle America’s communities comprise states and these states comprise the United States.
6 The center of middle America is family, neighborhood, and community. State and federal governments often stray beyond this center.
7 When this happens state and federal governments are source to endless political grief. This grief brings @USDayofRage  .
8 State and federal governments must support, serve, and provide for America’s communities. Failure in this service is simply unacceptable.
9 The economics of middle American governance is simple.
10 Middle America has median annual income of $52,000. This foundation roots the American dream. This foundation is the American dream.
11 Those too proud or good for $52,000 annual income, too good for the American dream, should disengage from state and federal government.
12 Those “too good” for the American dream should butt-out.  Middle America must govern middle America.

Topic 5: Ownership (Those with no ownership rights, pay no taxes.)
1 Ownership rights determine price and income. Recession is owner determined and generated. Recession is high prices and low/flat decreasing median income.
2 Decades of middle America dollar manipulation by a fed/banking cartel has stolen 60% American ownership rights from middle America.
3 The result is a 10%owns80% economy.  10% now determines 80% prices and wages. Middle America exists on a 20% ownership reservation.
4  10%owns80% economies drive prices up and wages down.  This creates recession. Middle America starves on high prices and low wages.
5 Today’s recession is owner determined by the 10%owning80%. Recession is always determined by those with ownership rights.
6 Fair taxation is ownership taxation. If 10%own80%, then the 10% can pay 80% the cost of all local, state, and federal government budgets.
7 No wonder the 10%owners are so, so, so “small government” issued. This paradigm gets 10%owners high prices, low wages, and no taxes.
8 When middle America owns 80% America, middle America determines prices and wages, and only then pays 80% the cost of all government.

1 Democracy is an idea centered process, not a solution. Solutions are a byproduct of democratic idealism.
2 Oligarchy is a money centered process, with no solutions. Solutions are avoided, squashed, or bought out.

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MART is a Democracy Marathon
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