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MARP Tweets 6/25/11 to 6/30/11

1 Democracy in America is an urban legend.  6/30/11
2 Democracy existed in the first congress of the US in 1789. There was one congressperson per 26,666 citizens. A nation was born.
3 A first constitutional amendment was proposed “Article the First” , designed to maintain democracy over time.
4 “Article the First” is proof positive of constitutional founder concern for democracy maintenance over time and population growth.
5 “Article the First” required a minimum of 1 congressperson per 50,000 population into perpetuity. The article failed to pass.
6 220 years later, in modern America, the profundity of “Article the First” is not lost in a practicing representation ratio of 1/570,000.
7 An urban legend is based on a distant historical truth, believed to extend into the present, but turning out to be myth and fantasy.
8 US democracy is urban legend. One congressperson per 570,000 is not democracy. It’s elected oligarchy.  

1 There are no perfect presidents in US history. Then again, there have been no female presidents. #PrayForDemocracy  6/29
2 Equal Rights Amendment  Support at: @NationalNOW
3 Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
4 Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

1 Middle America will know democracy when middle America sees it.  6/29
2 Democracy shares. Democracy takes turns. Democracy is win/win. Democracy listens. Democracy takes measures. Democracy is glory.
3 Democracy inspires. Democracy is a big tent. Democracy is inclusive. Democracy disperses power. Democracy is based on consensus.
4 Democracy is work in progress. Democracy cares. Democracy is fair. Democracy succeeds for everyone, not just the wealthy few.
5 Democracy is just. Democracy is _____________ßAdd yours here. Reply @_marp Upgrade to democracy:  

1 Article the First - Wikipedia   6/29
2 The constitutional founders understood the importance of the representation ratio of citizens per congressperson.
3 Article the First was the first proposed amendment to the constitution in the first congress 1789. Article the First proposed:
4 One representative per 30,000 citizens until 100 representatives. Not less than one representative per 40,000 until 200 representatives.
5 Not less than one representative per 50,000 citizens beyond 200 representatives. Constitutional founders understood representation ratios.
6 This amendment, if passed, would have required a 2010 congress of 6160. Upgrade to a founder’s democracy:  

1 The true landscape topics of American politics are 100% about ownership, income, and the dollar/currency.
2 The Reagan revolution changed the landscape topics to spending, taxes, and debt.  America is, to this day, still off topic.
3 The wealthy-elite undercurrent agenda, owning 80% of America, is undisturbed by current off topic conversations.
4 Middle America must get back on topic. Middle America must reorganize. Middle America must govern:  

1 What a fabulous credit card bankers have!. Credit is limited only by how many dollars the federal reserve can print up.
2 Bankers get a fabulous deal on their credit card.Their credit card pays the holder rather than charging the holder interest.
3 How does middle America go about getting one of these credit cards? Middle America must govern.  

1 Feed a person fish satisfies for a day. Teach a person to fish satisfies for a lifetime.
2 A job satisfies economic needs for today. Ownership satisfies economic needs for a lifetime. 
3 Even if congress succeeds with some form of jobs program for the present, the true landscape, ownership, is still uncharted.

1 Ownership is the first rail of the US political landscape. It is a house with picket fence or a small business doing one’s passion.
2 Ownership is personal control over income and time. It is personal control over destiny and future.
3 Ownership is central to the American dream. When 10% own 80% of America, the American dream exists only for the 10%.
4 Truth, justice, and the American way will not allow middle America to give up ownership, it’s dreams, it’s destiny, it’s future.

1 Income is the second rail of the US political landscape. Income is economic freedom and leads to ownership and personal development.
2 Owners determine payroll/income. Employees submit to ownership decision and priority. Income is ownership determined.
3 Lost ownership forces middle America into employee submission, lowers wages, and weakens the dollar/currency.
4 Middle America can accept employment status or step up to ownership responsibility. It’s your call, coach.  

1 The dollar/currency is the third rail of the US political landscape, after ownership and income.   6/27
2 Cash,bucks,greenbacks, and dead presidents are first derivative of the US economy and the American dream. It’s the dollar, stupid.
3 Currency is slippery paper, a promise and icon of national value that can be massively printed, duplicated, and devalued. Slippery!
4 What in a universe is more slippery and slimy than the first derivative of value (dollar)? It’s a second,third,fourth,or fifth derivative.
5 Dollar is first derivative. A dollar stream promise (mortgage) is a second derivative. A bundle of mortgages is a third derivative.
6 Insurance on a bundle of mortgages is a fourth derivative, and on, and on, and on to infinite wallstreet big bucks fantasy.
7 At each higher level of derivative, fantasy increases and reality fades. Wallstreet bucks are commissions buying and selling fantasies.
8 As long as there are buyers (sucker born every minute capitalism), the ponzy scheme continues. At base of all this is a national currency.
9 It’s the dollar,stupid. Each successive level of derivative increasingly patronizes the dollar,the promise,and the national icon of value.
10 The dollar, the promise, and icon of national value is given value and solely supported by middle America. No-one likes to be patronized.
11 The ponzy patronization of middle America’s national dollar plays out in recession,foreclosures,joblessness,and debt. Wallstreet, listen.
12 No-one likes to be patronized. It’s time to find a real job,like the ones middle Americans go to every day,the ones producing real value.
13 The dollar’s value is supported by millions of middle Americans. This value suffers from ponzy, derivative, casino, wallstreet fantacies.
14 America doesn’t need wealthy-elite radical fantasies determining the future. Middle America must govern:  

0 Women’s Reservation Bill |   6/20  6/27
1 Women’s Reservation Bill |     (wikipedia India,India, equity)
2 No matter how far down the wrong road, turn & go back. 230 years without half women in congress is wayyyyyy wrong road.
3 Priority, priority, priority. An unrepresentative government without priority cannot govern.
4 If congress must beg, borrow, steal, promise, print money, or grovel, women must have half representation in American democracy.
5 If it takes gold leaf engraved letter invitations, women must have half representation in American democracy.
6 If all congress does is tip hats, open doors, and compliment this entire term, women must have half representation in American democracy.
7 If women require an equal rights amendment to feel comfortable in congress. Count it a blessing and get it ASAP.
8 Where are all the women in congress? Where are all the women in congress? Where are all the women in congress?
9 One gender democracy is bogus, fraudulent, stupid, dangerous, inefficient, untrustworthy, and ineffective. Sound familiar?
10 Women must become equal partners in democracy and gain democratic dignity.
11 Congress should beg forgiveness for 230 years of female discrimination, insult, and transgressed democratic dignity.
12 The passion and mission of one gender democracy must no longer be to throw women under the bus. Whose bus is it, anyway?
13 The male congress clearly understands the universal law: Never argue with a woman. Fear no longer can deny female representation.
14 This election cycle and all remaining election cycles are @_marp one-issue cycles. Where are all the women in congress?

1 Litmus test: Women’s Reservation Bill    6/27
2 Under-representative congress can’t govern. #PriorityPriorityPriority NOW! (200+ years late)  
3 @_marp has one question, litmus test, challenge for 2012 candidates.  What about Women’s Reservation Bill ?
8 Time for DC to open flood gates, flush out the foul/fowl, and sunlight the lair. Upgrade to democracy: @_marp

0 @Marp agenda:    Democracy takes turns.  6/27
1  Women’s Reservation Bill  NOW! FIRST! (230 yrs late)  ERA is good.  #HelpDemocracy
2 To disperse congressional power.   Democracy disperses. Oligarchy consolidates.
3 To disperse presidential power.
4 Citizen participative, open, transparent, pro-active, instructive, and informative judicial. Plan-b judicial branch:
5 To empower state governments. |  #HelpDemocracy #PrayForDemocracy
6 To empower local governments.
7 Separate money and state:
8 Separate the federal government and social policy.
9 Middle American governance of radical desperate-poor and radical wealthy-elite.
10 Fair middle-America ownership for 76% of American citizens from 20% to 76% of America.
11 Middle America firmly at center of American consensus democratic power.
12 To boldly speak common sense to genius. To boldly speak common sense to power. #HelpDemocracy #PrayForDemocracy

0 Plan-b    @@@ (web location: )  6/13  6/27
1 Return to 1790 representation level at 26,666 citizens per congressperson, a 12,000 member congress.
2 Senate 6000 is scientifically sortitioned. The judicial branch administers the sortition.
3 House 6000 is elected by state district as currently practiced.
4 Presidential branch to consist of 9 co-elected presidents. A majority of 5 is required for any executive exercise of power.
5 Pro-active judicial charged with transparency, education, translation, and legal empowerment of citizenship.
6 Maintenance of a regularly updated and current 3rd grade level abridged and court acceptable “translation” of the constitution.
7 Judicial branch mission to increase laymen/public access to judicial systems and eliminate lawyer specialization/monopoly.
8 Amendment separating money and state.
9 A states “bill of rights” guaranteeing state independence and ability to petition feds for waivers of federal law.
10 Payroll/benefits of federal employees maximized at middle-America median income. Growth/recession sees pay increase/decrease.
11 Middle-America governs. Consensus democracy replaces elected oligarchy. Upgrade to democracy:

0 Ownership and Taxes  by coach1640280     6/22  6/26pm
1 The US American political landscape is 100% about ownership, income, and the currency/dollar. The landscape is never discussed.
2 Ownership in China is 100% Communist party, 10% of citizens, maintained through single political party organization.
3 Ownership in USA is 80% corporate, 20% middle America, maintained by two political parties, and feverish government lobbies.
4 Fair taxation reflects ownership, that is, wealthy-elite pay 80%, middle-America pays 20%, and desperate-poor pay 0%.
5 The fact that the wealthy-elite are 10% the population, middle America 76%, and desperate-poor 14% is tax irrelevant.
6 Political/economic corporate cartels usurped 80% US ownership. These cartels owe 80% of all taxes and 80% the $14T debt.
7 The destiny of ownership is the destiny of income. The destiny of middle-America is the destiny of the dollar/currency.
8 Returning ownership to middle America requires realignment of middle America’s 76% to its government.
9 Returning ownership to middle America puts the dollar/currency in good hands and guarantees dollar/currency recovery.
10 Plan-b, 12000 +9, upgrades America from elected oligarchy to consensus democracy and firmly seats middle-America governance.
11 Middle America is the essence of America’s character, prosperity, and future. It’s wayyyy due middle-America govern.
12 Who owns America? Own it, pay taxes and $14T debt. Own nothing, pay nothing.  @_marp   
0      Government Representation   6/26
1 All government is divided in two parts,representation & access.One without the other is mutual guaranteed frustration and disappointment.
2 Representation: Does your representative look like you in a mirror or are you looking at some strange space alien?
3 Does your representative dress, act, talk, walk, think, and speak like you? How about laugh, frown, live, feel, and love like you?
4 Did your representative experience the same schools, neighborhoods, groups, organizations, and past times? Is there worthiness?
5 Does your representative have the same net worth,taxes,income healthcare,benefits, and perks as you? Where does your representative live?
6 How far away? What size home? Would you buy a used car from this person? Could you do your representative’s job? Is there trust?
7 Is  your representative smarter than you, logical, or impulsive? Is your representative a political professional or a part-time hero?
8 Do you want to be like,or are you already like,your representative? Is your representative a “trickle down” or  “bottoms up” person?
9 Sortition is scientifically and mathematically calculated and guaranteed representation. Upgrade to democracy:    
0     Government Access   6/26
1 All government is divided in two parts,representation & access. One without the other is mutual guaranteed frustration and disappointment.
2 Access: How do you access government, appointment, letters, phone, TV, radio, internet, grapevine? Are replies authentic and assuring?
3 Have you ever spoken directly to or seen your representative? How hard would it be to arrange a meeting? How’s that working?
4 Have you ever shaken a hand or spoken directly? Do you live anywhere near your representative? Must you give money? How you dress?
5 You got the clothes? How important is appearance? Do you feel inferior to professional lobbyists? Do lobbyist have better ideas than you?
6 Has any idea or plan, remotely resembling your plan, ever been implemented? Is your representative “trickle-down” or “bottoms-up”?
7 A 12000 congress and 9 person presidency provides dynamic government access. Upgrade to democracy:

1 The US American political landscape is 100% about ownership, income, and currency/dollar. The landscape is never discussed. Shutdown!
2 Shutdown: Is autocrat decline: Denial,resistance,arrogance,resignation. Congress is resisting. #HelpDemocracy #PrayForDemocracy
3 Shutdown: Congress extorts middle-America while installing wealthy-elite agenda. Upgrade to democracy:    

1 Political Parties:  6/4
2 20 political parties better than 10 parties better than 8 parties better than 5 parties better than 2 parties better than 1 party.
3 Twitter saves democracy. @_marp @WePartyPatriots @coffeepartyusa @wpsg @greenparty_ie @uni_pro @OurCountryPAC 
4 Twitter saves democracy. @TPPatriots @TeaPartyPatriot @RNC @TheDemocrats @partyot @JobParty @reteaparty @ethirdparty
5 Twitter saves democracy. @AIP_CA @progparty @communistsusa @UnitedParty @uwp @USDayofRage 
6 Found another political party on twitter saving democracy? Reply @_marp to add it to the list.
7 Democracy is communism, socialism, republicanism, libertarianism, fascism, oligarchy, and autocracy bludgeoned to consensus.

1 Middle America seeks presidential leadership
2 Middle America seeks leadership.Get @_marp @THEHermanCain @newtgingrich @fredkarger
3 Middle America seeks leadership.Get @_marp @RonPaul @timpawlenty @MittRomney  @RickSantorum
4 Middle America seeks leadership.Get @_marp @SarahPalinUSA  @GovGaryJohnson @MicheleBachmann
5 Middle America seeks leadership.Get @_marp @JonHuntsman @BarackObama   6/15

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MART is a Democracy Marathon
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